Get a sharpie and some sticky notes and draw your hats by hand. Why? Because it will slow your thinking process down and help you be more reflective.

Drawing, here, doesn't mean being realistic or artistic...just expressive. Have fun!

Draw your hats!
 1. Which Facilitation roles are easy and fluid for you?
 2. Which Facilitation roles are harder for you to take on?
 3. Which Facilitation roles would you like to stop doing?
 4. Which Facilitation roles would you like to start doing more of?
 Take 5-10 minutes and sketch, reflectively.
 5-9 Hats is a good start.

The final step is to re-imagine your Facilitator's Hats diagram. The structures suggested in the next video are just a few of countless options.

When you are finished, you will be able to more clearly say who you are as a facilitator and where you want to go next.

If you'd like to play with the Facilitator's Hats Deck, you can download a copy or buy a physical deck here. The hats in the deck are a synthesis of the most powerful, interesting and common hats drawn by master facilitators doing this exercise over the last several years.

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